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May you leave with more than you brought here with you !!

I recommend that you go to the Ceremony Page before you adventure into the individual Spirit Guides. There is a lot
of valuable information on the general concepts, the particular fetishes & the ceremonies, as well as guides to the
terms that are used inside the individual cards, that will help the "Greenhorn's" to understand what they'll find here
These cards represent my own Spirit Guides and the pages that they lead to describe each one in detail.
If you want to learn more about the Spirit guides in general, or how to find those in your own Earthwalk,
stop in at the CEREMONY page on this WebSite.
Throughout this section you can move around by looking for these
symbols. Just click the PEACEPIPE to return to this section, or my
PAW to go all the way back to the beginning. The TOTEM CARDS
above each lead to their respective pages.
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Native American Teachings Section
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