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Throughout this section you can move around by looking for these
symbols. Just click the PEACEPIPE to return to this section, or my
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Prayer, Medicine and Respect
What is Ceremony?

This is the actions and events that we observe, to remind us of the respect and ritual
that acknowledges our faith. Be it Sage smudging and dance, candles and incense,
hymm and prayer, or holy wafers and wine, these are the steps that we take to
connect us, more directly with our own choices of divine pathways and our G.O.D..

What is Medicine?

Medicine is anything that helps aid the seeker in feeling more connected and a greater harmony with nature
and all of the brethern life that co-exists here with us. Anything that is healing to the body, the mind, the Spirit
and the Soul. It is the way to answers, the path to understanding, the road to wisdom. What you will find on
these pages is the Totem Spirits that I walk with, and their gifts, messages and lessons they have granted to
me. For time before time, our ancestors used omens of nature, the natural life around them and intuition to
arrive at decisions of entire nations, much less the lowly individual. All living things have their own medicine
messages for us, if we are willing to learn their language and share thier wonder.

What is the "trick" to all of this -
It is simply understanding and walking with "Hail-lo-way-ain", the "Language of Love". Man is the only creature
that does not in his self-importance, return to the Great Spirit the love they abundantly receive. The Hail-lo-
way-ain can be understood only when compassion and mutual respect are allowed to come full circle and are
redirected among those that share our world. If you believe yourself to be better than anyone, greater than
anything, or on the opposite side, less or lower than any, then you may not understand what I say in the
following sections, and it may appear to be foolish or paganistic. To those of you in such a state - I hope that
enlightenment is not too far away. For the rest of us.... enjoy what you find, and may your journey upon the
Red Road be filled with joy, love and laughter !!