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The cycles of emotional evolution
Being a Native American gave me some insight that perhaps has been overlooked in the normal channels. One of the
greatest things my guides taught me was the cycles of evolution. We are forever living within wheels or circles, both in
growth and action. What sets us apart is the ranges of the wheels and how quickly we complete each cycle. If as men we can
accept that we grow more slowly emotionally than the woman, we can at least gain a bit of understanding as to why they
always seem to have the upper hand here. Being by far more experienced than us, naturally they should have an advantage.
However, even innocence has its advantages, for while they are more emotionally developed, in the same stroke, they became
more emotionally dependant. As immature emotional jesters in life, we may become hurt, but the hurt never cuts nearly as
deep, nor lasts nearly as long as that of a woman. I suppose there is some cosmic irony there, but in truth I have never
understood it. But, in every case, under every possible scrutiny, it has revealed itself as a truth.

During our lifewalk, Spirit Animals come to us and walk the road alongside us,
they act in some (often frustrating) ways as advisors, guides or "guardians".
We can try to call on particular ones, but most often, they come to those that
either need them, or are honored by them.

Bear, came to me.
The man that brought me Bear, knows Bear. But he enjoys the ignorance of not
acknowledging him. Bear has always been the hardest Spirit for me to call upon
(kinda like he's always "hibernating" - kinda odd huh),
but is the first to let out a roar if I forget to think about what I said before I said it.
Bear keeps me up 20 hours a day if he feels awakened, with my thoughts drifting
so deeply within my own mind, that I forget the rules, and for a brief instance see
things I would have hidden from myself, given the perspective held at the time.
Simply said: Free your Mind.
Bear's attitudes and attributes
are recognizably reflective of the
traits you find in those the Bear
walks with.

Bear: Introspection, insight,
consideration, protectiveness,
Forethought and hindsight.
Deductive and ponderous.

Powerful and mighty, fearless
and intimidating, nurturing and
parental. Protective and
providing. These too Bear carries
into his realm of influence.

Kindness and Quiet
Humbleness, comforting, yet
peacefully intimidating unless
threatened or compromised.
If he did not catch his Quote earlier,
Gerald (my father) carried great Bear Spirit.
Did then, still does.. However since he has not accepted or
acknowleged his friend, he walks more heavily with the Bear's
reclusive and hibernative mannerism, and lets the instrospections
Bear brings bear more heavily upon him than they should.
Men grow emotionally in a cycle of seven years,

Women evolve in a three year cycle.

So they are always more developed of the heart then us,
and we are always the emotional juveniles.
And anyone that has been within 30 feet
of Brianna KNOWS she walks with Bear.
Oh God does she.
Wasn't there a quote about your children
paying you back for something....?
Need some help? a guide perhaps?
.. then just follow me