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OK... here's a little "techie-note" ~
I have re-written this site for Internet Explorer, and will work on a "Frames" version for Netscape Users as
soon as I can (yes - it looks wierd to you Netscape users doesn't it). I have to optimize all of these images still
(for faster loading of the pages), but will not do that until the pages are completed, so be patient (it takes ALOT
of work to perform the task in order to save you time in loading the pages). I apologize for the number of
incomplete pages, but felt that you would want what is ready to become available as soon as I could make it so.
If you set your browser to notify you (or send me an e-mail and ask me to personally notify you upon significant
changes) when the pages are updated, you can come back as I add new things and see it all develop. I try to
update or complete at least one page per evening, so it should not take too long to get it done. - hey, Rome wasn't
built in a day either, but I think it may have been alot easier !

I am using a new program called Web Studio by Sierra to make this website now and I think you can see the
difference immediately. The program is available for $50.00 almost anywhere and though it falls short in some
areas, it makes up for it in others. If you'd like your own Homepage, write me and ask - if you are family I'll get
you started and show you how to maintain it for free - if you aren't, offer me money <vvbg>.

I am hoping those of you that make it to this page, and actually read all the way to this part, will offer any
ideas of suggestions you have to make your time here more enjoyable (what do you want to see, what do you like,
what irritates you..?) I'd also like to know what browser you use (IE or Netscape) so I know which aspect to
prioritze when updating.

Finally, as soon as this Website is completed, I will be applying a Domain Name to it (, so it will
be alot easier to find and to get too. I hope you enjoy what you find here, come back often and if you see or get
any errors - please notify me so I can correct them.

The images, text and artwork that is not original (and most is) is copyrighted by their repective owners. If anyone who holds a
copyright to anything on any page herein, that would not like it to be here, please notify me.
I do not believe I have infringed on anyone's rights, but now-a-days you never know.
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Well, you are either new to the Internet or new to my WebSite, either of which is fine, and
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This GOLD color for instance is the general page text.
While the GREEN color is used for comments and suggestions.
ORANGE text is generally applied to Timely (Dated) information.
WHITE text gives you information on something you can manipulate.
The Moon will tell
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Annie (and her cousin Dotta) act as on-page Anime
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In addition, the wolves are usually items about
Me personally, My Life and interests, or my
American Indian Spirit Guide & Ceremony Pages.

While the Unicorns will be about someone or
something related to my daughters, my girlfriend
or something else.
These images are always links to other pages within my Website. You must
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