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~ Treehawk's Realm Originals ~
Copyrighted 1999, 2000
YES, many of the icons you see
here were actually created by
me, especially for this WebSite.
These are some of those images
once again (and without a link)
I am also an avid modeler and miniatures painter -
The Dragon that OZ is looking at here was one of
my pieces (15" tall lead figure on a handsculpted,
airdry clay mountain base.

For more minatures, which I have done check out
the Wargaming Section
The color images of my Spirit Guides was also done for this Site, The slideshow
here (click to advance the images) also includes two animals, not found elsewhere
on this site, that were created for my daughter's.

For more information on the Spirit Guides, check out the NATIVE TEACHING
Section. There is also a none-colored, brown mini-pic of each of these that I use
as page links, located in that same section.

These images were created (as were most others) using the JASC Paintshop Pro
program, available on the Internet as a free 45 day Demo, or at most Software
retailers (for about $90.00).
This image is an actual Screen Shot from the StarSeige 2 game, which shows one
of the over 80 "Skins" I developed for a package that is now available on-line at
the StarSeige Game Site.

For more information on this game, and how to acquire the skinpack for your own
StarSeige vehicles (if you play the game that is ) head over to either the StarSeige
Section here, or pop in at the official WebSite for Sierra's EarthSeige Universe.
Sometimes I entertain myself with some creative editing of a
popular or favorite image I have collected over time. Here's two
that I editied to provide a view that you'd never otherwise be
able to see. The first is from the BubbleGum Police Anime and
the Second is Rogue of Marvel's X-Men Comics.
These two were done
when I was 13 years
old, and were for my
Dungeons & Dragons
Character, Ghil Klin
War the PalidinLord.
This was a wall mural I did in my bedroom using acrylic
oil paints when I was about 14 - much to my parent's
chagrin I can assure you!! Again the image was that of
the D&D Character Ghil Klin War you see to the left.
And finally, from the artistic
hands of my wonderful five
(well, almost 6 as she'll remind
you) year old daughter....
Kyrie A'Lasan
This is a drawing she did last
year of her best friend at the
daycare she was attending.
Below is a collection of things that were drawn,
designed or crafted by me over the years -
Hope you enjoy them.