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- now more commonly known as -

This game, from its rather humble Tabletop Minatures beginnings
(called Battle of Kalnock - even before FASA developed the
BattleTech Series)
, to the quite elaborate computer simulations
called MechWarrior has always been a favorite of mine.

Something about lumbering around inside a 30 meter tall
humanoid combat vehicle has always fascinated me.

If you follow the LINK here to the Dropship MechCommander's
website, you'll find several of my own scenarios. Enjoy them (last
look had them at over 300 downloads)... If you'd like to meet me
on-line sometime for some wargaming, just drop me a line. Always
willing to trash a new opponent, or teach someone new to the
battlefield, the tricks to survival.
These keys will take you to the
Dropship Command's Website.
Once there search the SOLO
scenarios under "TreehawK"
If you'd like to get more information, or a free DEMO of one of the
MechWarrior games, check out MECHWARRIOR or FASA Interactive.
When you are
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Madcat Model
This is a custom vinyl model of the Madcat BattleMech. The individual men
are from the Riders of Rohan and are accurate to scale. The moel has a
detailed ( including a miniature pepsi can, and a Christmas Tree air-
interior, two - cockpit lights and blinking point navigational lights,
it is accurate to the blueprints that I have on my wall.
The interior was adapted from an old picture I had, that illustrated the
machine's interior, I used two apache helocopter models in two different
scales, to fabricate the cockpit. The glass "nose" is from a two-liter bottle
of pepsi the paint scheme it bears is from the Clan Ghost Bear.

Behind, and just between it's legs stands a Star Wars Imperial Walker in
the same scale - just for perspective.