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Hi again.. Remember, the Unicorn will take you back to the FAMILY
section's beginning, and the familiar PAW will send you all the way back
to the front page of this site. Oh.. and click me if you need some help !!
This is my oldest daughter "Kyrie A'Lasan Lynn", she will be six this
February (makes me feel old thinking about that) and is quite the talented
intellectual young lady..... Besides being so damned cute !!
Kyrie is a true wonder, she is always surprising me with such intellectual
ideas and drawing conclusions about things that adults don't even make
connections to. She is artistic and creative, polite and responsible, and if
I had to select one thing as her weakness, it is her heart full of love - she
is more easily hurt emotionally than her sister, and worries more than a
little girl probably ever should.

She's getting ready to start taking her Horseback Riding Lessons around
the end of the month - She is so excited !! She is an animal lover and has
made me take her to the ranch several times to talk to the horses, before
her lessons start "just so they recognize me".

Rather than write a lot more about her, I'll just let the pictures talk for
themselves... and as you will see, of the three of us, she was the one
blessed with some photogenics.

Petting the Sting Rays at Sea World
Is this FUN or WHAT !!!
Hugs... "just because you
were there Daddy"
Beating the 1st level of
DOOM at age 3
Out boating with the Dread
Pirate Ed ... aka - grandpa
She drew this to make
anyone that came here

Kyrie walks with the
Dolphin and Butterfly

She'll capture your heart
in one of her smiles or just
eclipse almost any sorrow
or sadness with her endless
unconditional love.

I delivered you into this new life
and only briefly did you cry.
but instead, you looked up at me and smiled
And from your smile, an indescribable warmth
seeped deep inside me

I knew no words then, that I could say to you
Yet, I think somehow you understood
that in the awkwardness of that first day

You had given me more, than most ever would
Your gift to me was
the undying Love
I carry for you
You truly are
"Peace and Harmony"
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