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ROHAN RIDERS / Chapter History

The Gene-Seed of the Primarch Jaghatai Khan.
Each Rider grows a new seed within them to be used in sponsoring a new Space Marine. It is this seed that
imbues the recipient with the Primarchian DNA and prepares their body for the acceptance of the other
seeds, and their genetic alterations.

The Bone Strengthener
This gene ultimately fuses the ribs into a solid single protective shell.

The Blood Maker.
This cell allows the Marine to generate a far more efficient arterial system, improving healing rates and
immunities to levels far beyond that of a natural human.

The Healer
This cell allows the blood to form an instant layer of scar tissue, staunching blood flow and protecting
wounds. It likewise affects toxins and other vascular invasions as the white blood cells are increased ten-
fold in their ability to ward off invasions by outside germs, drugs and virus.

The Sleepless Warrior
This cell allows the warrior to rest one-half of his brain, while the other half remains active and alert. Thus
allowing the marine to bypass the need for normal sleep or periods of mental rest.

The Memory Thief
This cell allows a Space Marine to gain part of a person or creature's memory by ingesting their flesh or
blood. Immediate memories (last images or sounds before death), can be bestowed by tasting the blood,
deeper rooted memories require a proportionally larger consumption of the flesh.

The Muscle Builder
This cell creates the intense muscular system required to endure the hardships of interstellar travel, and
the constant warfare of life as a Rider.

The Skin Sealer
The Rider sweats a protective waxy substance which seals and protects his skin from the harsh cold of space
to extremes of heat.

The Visual Enhancer
This cell increases the Rider's visual capabilities, as well as enhancing their night vision.

The Mind over Matter Gene
This implant allows the Space Marine to enter a voluntary state of suspended animation in which they can
survive for centuries if needed.

The Third Lung
This implant develops into a third lung that allows him to breath poisonous atmospheres or even water.

The Audio Enhancer
This implant enhances their hearing, allowing them to filter out unwanted sounds or enhance specific
sounds or range. It also affects balance, so as to prevent the effects of vertigo, or the loss of equalibrium.
This aids in lowering their disorientation to new environments and weightless combat.

The Neural Connectors
The hardened and shell-like ribcage of the Rider is now covered with a stiff membrane, neurone connectors
from the membrane penetratethe Marine's spine and connect motor-nerves to the Power Armor's interface.
This neural interface is used to enhance the use of many forms of Power Shields, Weaponry, Vehicles and
Mechanisms. It also allows the Rider's heartrate and vital signs to be monitored from a connector point
within the various types of Armours.

While many other Gene-Seeds exist, these are the Thirteen that the Grey Knight Terminator Hogrim
Bagradurr brought with him, to the planet Rohan, to use within the House Trevarian, for the creation of the
Khan's newest Chapter, the White Scar's Riders of Rohan.

The HolyRiders are constantly searching for new gene-Seeds to further enhance the Riders, at present
however, no new seeds have been recovered and the allies orf which Trevarian House holds, covets their
own, just as the Riders do. Perha0ps someday another strain will be uncovered, but until then, the Riders of
rohan will make the best use of what they have benn blessed with.
of Rohan