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ROHAN RIDERS / Chapter History

In the constant nomadic warfare for possession of the life preserving resources of food, water and shelter,
each young Rohanian competes not only for pure survival, but also for the attention of the Holy Riders and
of Trevarian House. The Rohanian's identify their gods to the four winds, and consider the Riders to be
Champions of these spiritual dietie's. Thus the Rohanian's have become accustomed to the bravest of the
young warriors earning a place among the champions, vanishing from the everday trials and tribulations
of Rohan, going to forver live in the high realm of Trevarian House.

Space Marines must be selected as youths if they are to survive the difficult transformation from a normal
human to genetically enhanced super-being. Young warrior's eager to attract the the attention of the
HolyRiders, fight always at the forefront of every battle, often hurling themselves into death threatening
situations in hopes of gaining the honur and respect of the ever-watchful HolyRiders. Quite often these
youths perish in their zest to gain this attention. The Elder's honor their passing in realization of hopes the
youth held in his suicidal charges.

On Rohan the HolyRiders stalk the land of the nomads, reaping a harvest of the young, these huge, burly
warriors strike fear in those that cross them. Sheafing them down with bolts of thunder or vicious
flickering blades of harnassed lightning. These strangers can often be found, high above the battlefield,
astride iron horses that race across the sky. If a battle is hard fought the HolyRiders often descend after the
combat and choose the fiercest of the youths to join the ranks of the Raiders of Rohan. Often those chosen
are very near death, but as long as their wounds are onlone upon the fronts of their bodies, the HolyRider
may select them anyway. Once chosen, they are adorned with a medalion of Valor and their bodies fade
away shortly atfer they don the decoration.

The medalion's are beacons, used by the House Trevarian's teleportation devices, delivering the chosen
unto the halls of Trevarian House. Once they arrive, they are tested for aptitude amonst the Riders of
Rohan. To be selected into the Riders of Rohan's brether, a warrior must become sponsored by one of the
Rider's themselves, as well as the HolyRider that harvested him. Once sponsored, he is implanted with the
ene-Seed of Jaghatae Khan. Should they survive this violent genetic reconstruction, they are on their way to
becoming a rider themselves. It is during this transformation from human to Space Marine that most
prospects are lost. The Primarch's seed grows rapidly within the youth, rending muscle, splitting bones and
distorting flesh, turning the man into a raging superhuman. f this, the first and most deadly of the recieved
many seeds he shall recieve, does not kill him or drive him insane. He will go on to accept the seeds of
Ossmodula, Haemastamen, Larraman's Organ, catalepsean Node, Omophagea, Biscopea, Mucranoid,
Occulobe, Susan Membrane, multi-lung, Lyman's Ear and their Neurone Imterface. These twelve genetic
implants work within the body to prepare it for the rigors ahead. Finally, the Progenoid is implanted in
the youth, this germ-cell grows and matures to create a new Gene-Seed to continue the process of passing on
the legacy to another chosen one.

The Gene-Seeds evolve to provide the Rider with Superhuman tributes and abilites. The introduction of
these seeds are only the beginning, the organ implantation goes hand-in-hand with a harsh routine of
physical, psycological and spiritual training. Achieved by means of hypnotic suggestion, extensive
meditation and a gradual initiation into the cult rites of the Chapter. All of these processes serve to harden
the chosen's mental powers and sharpen his instinctive combat skills. These and many other tests and
doctrines will try the warrior's wit as well as strength, and place him in many situations of mortal dangers
from which he must emerge alive if not unscathed, but it is only through this battery of physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual gauntlets, that the warrior can be prepared for his entry role among the Riders, as
that of a Raider of Rohan.

It is during the chosen's tenure as a Raider that he completes the training required to process him into a
Reaver, Guardian, Horseman or ultimately a Strider. The Raiders perform duties of extreme danger, often
placing them far behind enemy lines, with the very minimum of armor, and only scout classed weaponry. If
the new recruit can stay alive thru this seasoning, and attract the attention of his Sponsor, he may be called
upon to serve that Sponsor's Company, entering service at last, as a Champion of Trevarian House, and into
the Riders of Rohan. Where they will then live for hundreds of years, unless they are slain in battle
amongst the monstrous Orcs and Ogrynn, or torn asunder by one of the mind-numbing horrors of the
Tyranid Hive Fleets, or drug into the swirling Abyss by one of the Daemons of Khorne.

In perhaps one in a hundred chosen's, there lies the dormant psychic potential required to become a
Chapter's GhostRider. Those individuals are seperated from all others and begin an unyielding series of
psychic tests, lessons and activitys. And should their will be strong enough to survive, introduction to the
Emperor's Psychic presence itself.

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