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The CODEX WHITE SCARS / ROHAN RIDERS is an in-depth, chapter approved style
Libram of the House Trevarian, and the Rider's of Rohan - Includes stats and gamerules
for the entire Chapter and its Unique Personalities

Follow the Rohan Shield to open the Libram,
and to comeback here when you need.
Over a century ago, on the land of Barshell did the Grey Knight Bagradurr arrive. This
grim warrior bore the Gene-seeds of the Primarch Jaghatai Khan and it is through this
dark warrior's efforts that the Riders of Rohan were to be moulded. The Riders are a
product of Rohan's deadly environment and the genetic enhancements of their Primarch
Jaghatai (founded of the White Scars Chapter). Where the barren world of Rohan
conditions its people in constant warfare and survival, it is thru this Khan's gene-seed
that they ultimately become Space Marines.
What connection exists between the Primarch and the Grey Knight Hogrim is still a
mystery, for since his arrival he has only worked to develop and mold the Riders into a
fearsome fighting force, turning these nomadic barbarians into an army that would do
any commander proud. It is said that Hogrim and the Riders await the coming of the
Khan, so that they join their brethern White Scars and stride as one, into the Eye of
Terror where they will bring defeat to the forces of darkness that ever threatens to
overwhelm the universe.