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Your gift to me was
understanding and
selfless forgiveness
You personify great pride
and limitless resilience
Oh Boy !!!

Brianna is my most difficult daughter. For everyone's comments that Kyrie has my
attitute... well you don't know me well enough I guess, because of the two, this
little shit is definately my mirror image. She's bullheaded, stubburn, fearless and
coy. She's going to give any boy (or person for that matter) that gets in her way, a
lesson on immovable objects real quick.

She's the daughter that cold-cocked her playmate in daycare because he was
biting the other kids (which was fine by Bree), his mistake was taking a chomp out
of her arm one day. The teacher said she knocked him back four feet and on his
butt, with a round house blow to his nose. She also added that the boy NEVER bit
anyone ever again

She is also the one that at two years of age, would move the couch (no small task),
to get Kyrie and her's toys out from behind. She would grab a gallon of milk single-
handed and carry it to me across the house if she was thirsty, or grab Kyrie by her
hair and drag her across the house if she was mad at her and wanted to tell me.
Now don't get me wrong, this little girl is
equally balanced by uncompromising love and
an abundance of forgiveness. She can break
your heart with a smile, or warm your soul
with a hug.
I suppose I get the most upset when she cries
(which she does), only because it touches me
so deeply and the inability to do anything
about it is so frustrating.

Bree walks with Horse and Bear, which probably
accounts for her extreme tom-boyish nature.
She's definately a bundle of joy and always shows
you that you have just under-estimating her, or
perhaps even your own, abilities.
Bree the 1st Mate of the
Dread Pirate Ed, and
her trying to tell me she
"did not" just chase the
dog thru the house...
Bree is finally out of diapers
ok, not big news to you..
but HUGE news to "us"!!
If you have sound playing,
the music here is obviously
Winnie the Pooh's Theme
updated: Feb, 2