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I am a full-time single parent, of two of the best little girls a person
could ever wish upon themself.

If I ever thought my life had meaning or value, before these two
came into it, I was sorely mistaken, I can assure you. I spent alot of
my first years as a parent, wondering and worrying that I would not,
or could not be a good father and that I would fail this precious pair
I had brought into being. Well, against all odds, and a small amount
of my own disbelief, it seems that I have actually become one.
What was my life's greatest success - that of being a good daddy in
the eyes of my two wonderful, respectful and beautiful girls.

I love these two more than anyone that does not have a child can
imagine, and in thier eyes, I see respect and love - for me, and
everything that surrounds them.
If you have no child, the greatest piece of enlightenment that I can
pass on to you then, is that you re-evaluate everything you think you
now know - everything. For all that you could now concieve, of life,
responsibility and love, are just shallow preconceptions of the true
depths you will encounter, the first moment you "connect" with your
own child. I wish you luck and resilience once you are upon this path.
This one's from Kyrie's "Barbie"
Birthday Party.

I was told today that this year "Daddy,
I'm having a "Unicorn Birthday Party" -
on our Porch"...

Well I guess that that, settles that...!!

This year the girl's decorated their first tree
(without alot of panic and parental "aid")
and much to everyone's surprise, they did a
really good job.
Ok smartie pants.... explain this to me.

"If Barbie is so darn popular, then why do I have to buy her friends ?"