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Original Poetry
© 1999, 2000
The way she makes you feel when she's near,
the way she makes you feel when she's not

The way you get lost in her eyes. The way you
actually notice her breathing.

The way she looks back, just as she's leaving.
The way she smiles when you arrive. The way
you worry about being late.

The way you fidget when you want to ask her

The way pay more attention to your dress
(actually wash and iron, not just the smell test).

The way you start looking for reasons to see
her. The way you look for reasons to excuse
yourself from others.

The way the illumination highlights her hair, the
way you notice; the shape of her neck, the way
she sits, the way she walks, the sway of her
hips, and the length of her strides, the way her
breasts raise and lower as she breaths.

The way she smiles in her sleep, the way YOU
smile in your sleep.

The way you wonder if she's thinking of you.
The things she says.

The way she smells.

The way you envy anyone that has her attention.

The little smile that crosses your face when you
think of her.

The way you cannot find anything wrong with
her. The way you can excuse anything, she
finds wrong with her.

The way you can see her with your child.

The sacrifices you will make to correct things
that are "wrong" with you.

The way her voice echoes when you are alone
and thinking of her.

The way every love song you hear seems to be
about you.

The way chivalry seems to be revitalized in you.
The way you hang on her every request.

The way that no-one before her seems to have
been worth the effort. The way that no-one
after… ever will.
The way the sun seems to shine brighter, the stars
closer and the air sweeter when she's near.

The way the simplest contact with her, sets your
heart racing. The way you find reasons to touch

The way that the mystery of what she will do next
kills you.

The way your confidence leaves you, and all of
that childhood fumbling returns

The way you can recall every flirtation she made
in the last week. The way each of those flirtations
enflamed you for weeks.

The way you cannot wait for a chance to tell her
how much you really love her. The fear you have
that she won't believe you.

The way you can wait for them to end something,
and not try to get between it.

The way you don't notice the flirtations of others

The way her smile lifts you. The way her frown
hurts. The way that "look" raises your body

The way you wish for rain, so the two of you can
dance in it.

The way you anticipate the sunset, so you can
share it.

The way time stops when you kiss. The way time
drags when your apart. The way you even notice
time at all now (where's my watch?).

The way you find excuses to call, then forget
what it was for when she answers.

The way her perfume entices you, even if she's
been gone for hours.

The way you pick up and smell anything her head
rested on.

The way you hug your pillow at night, when she's
not there. The way you wonder if she ever does
that too.

That she is the first thought you have in the
morning. And the last thing you think of before
you go to sleep.

The way you can write things like this.. easily.
The way she would know, that this was written
for her.
That my friends, is unconditional love. If you ever find it, do everything you can
to let them know it is there, if and when they are ready for it, but never, ever
forget how it made you feel and how it changes everything, even if she seems to.