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I've been thru the heartbreak,
now shed the tears,
will it last for an hour, perhaps
grow into years?
Started out with an ending, in an
inevitable chain,
we shall only build memories,
with times that remain.

A destiny of the heart, what
choice have we here,
do we now hide ourselves,
beneath a blanket of fear?
Can these feelings be denied, so
simply cast away,
or do we succumb, just enjoy
each new day,
From playing the players, not
caring for less,
An empathic tragedy, I now
share with the rest.
Wait... what is that sparkle, that
wink in her eye,
She says "the love's growing, not
starting to die".

It seems that this candle, might
burn after all,
though I have just stumbled, an
emotional fall.
She says "just have patience,
I'm not like the rest,
I'm just here to show you,
denied love is the best".

Understanding compassion, is
like holding a rose,
it won't be here forever, this
everyone knows.
So accept what we're given,
worry not for the rest,
these are the few moments, we'll
remember the best.
Original Poetry
1999, 2000