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HEY !!
NEW !!
Since Kyrie has started taking riding lessons at K-C's Ranch, we
have made some great equestarian friends (some cool human ones
too !! - right Megan and Jody!) and would like to share them with you
This is Jake - he's probably the tallest horse at the ranch, but not
the biggest (R.J. has that title - more on him later). I ride Jake
more often than any other mount, when we are there, he's fast,
powerful and stubborn (last time we rode he and I spent the entire
time bitchin at each other - seems we were both in a foul mood
and neither one wanted to give an inch) Normally he's a great
horse, not as fast as a few of the others, but his size and power
make him a real exciting partner on the trails.
These two photos are of Cinnamon - the horse that Kyrie has been
taking her lessons on. Cinnamon's pregnant and as moody as any
human under the same condition, but she's a gentle spirit and great
with the girls. Like all the horses at KC's she's happy and well taken
care of. As soon as she pops, we'll let you know what she had.

No Brianna is not riding as yet, but we do let her sit atop Cinnamon
and pretend. She has to grow a bit so she can get her legs down far
enough to signal to the horses, before she can take lessons.
K-C's Ranch is as far as I know the only
remaining ranch in our area that teaches
individuals, does riding camps and has trail
rides. If you are planning on coming this way
and want to have a great time with some
really wonderful people please drop them a
line and tell them I sent you !!

It has been a really great opportunity to
meet these people, and to get Kyrie riding,
as I spent many, many summers at a
similar place (next door to my grandparents)
in my youth.
Want to write them and find out
more about their establishment?
I'll try to post their location, rates and
hours here in the next week or so.
NO I don't have a photo of Lacey
falling off of Shiloh, but give me a
chance, I am sure it will happen
again <VBG>
Here's a slideshow of some more of the other horses, a few
of Brianna (before her haircut). The white horse is "Silver",
and I am not sure who the other one in the stable was (will
find out though) - You can see a large group of them in the
coral. - Thanks Anita (taken with her new digital camera)

Just click on the images
to advance them through the series.
Here's Brianna and Lacey
sitting atop the picnic table
(we were all there watching
Kyrie's riding lessons) and
don't worry, unlike horses,
does not fall off tables.
sans - alcohol of course