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This is Lacey, probably the closest thing to my best friend now-a days.
She's been our babysitter for about four years now, and is what I call my "Psuedo-daughter".
If my own girls grow up to be anything like this extremely intelligent, charismatic, responsible
young lady, then I will know that somehow, I did a god job of raising them.
Secret: Lacey literally parties till she pukes... I've seen her more than once worshipping the porcellan god,
after drinking just a couple of wine coolers, then come right back out and drink another..!!

Oh, and this is the Banner to the website she is working on. As soon as she has it ready to be posted to the
WEB, I'll add the link to it for her on here
These two are old and long-lost friends of ours. Martin Smeckpepper and
Jenna Sands. They made a really cute couple while the were together, then
Martin joined the military and I saw him once every now and again, up until 6
years ago when we lost track of each other. If anyone knows them, and ends
up here, please ask them to get hold of me !!

Martin was my "court jester", in that he always made anyone anywhere near
him, laugh. He was the gentlest, kindest person I think I ever met, and had a
heart of gold. I miss you bud!! - Martin was living in Virginia, the last I heard.
- Secret: Martin once stole a COW (a 4'x5' streetsign) from the local
Haagen Daaz for his girlfriend !!

Jenna started out as a friend of my ex-wife's, and after the two met, they
became BF/GF. Jenna was.... well "Jenna" !! You never knew what to expect,
and if you wanted someone to do something unpredictable - she was right
there for it. Jenna could still be in Florida, or up in Michigan - or anywhere
else her whimsical nature may have taken her.
- Secret: Jenna took Martin's virginity on an overnight trip to Orlando.
She and my "Ex" planned the event out, totally unbeknownst to him.
Stay tuned.... more to come on
this section, as time allows
Write to her !!
Write to them !!
Pete and Angeli (and Wee little Damien) are my two newest friends. We have grown
pretty close since that first day, and spend alot of time together with our children
(we are sure that BOTH of my girls have a crush on Damien) if not just ourselves.
These are two of the most sincere and heartwarming people I have met here, and I
cannot say how much I treasure our new-found relationship. We have shared some
really good times (Scrabble anyone ??) as well as having been there for each other
when the cloud surely seemed to have no silver in its lining.

Above their wedding picture is a Toast that was written for them, for thier recent
wedding and I would like you to read it. It says alot about how they, and I feel about
such a commitment, and what we hope it means to you.
- Secret: If you mix these two, a modified (by me) game of scrabble, a deck of cards
and several bottles of Captain Morgans, you'll .. .. uhhh nevermind ;-)
There are few people that can grasp my ecclectic
sense of humor most days, but these two seem to be
cut from the same brand of insanity, because we
constantly have each other rolling on the floor with
our mutual jabs and pokes at each other, life and
the world around us.

I wish everyone had friends as true and dear as
these two are to my family and I.
as soon as I get a Pic
The girls wanted to add their "bestest" friend her with our other friends.
So here's Kelsey. The 3rd of the three Mouse-keteers!

Since she accompanys us most everywhere I go, during the daily errands and
shopping trips, quite a few people have made the mistaken assumption that she, like
my own two, is one of my daughters as well. Besides looking alot like my own girls,
she is just as polite, well behaved and considerate as Kyrie, so it is a simple enough
mistake to make.

Secret - Kelsey's got no secrets or skeletons - afterall she's only 6 years old !!

Write to
and tell him
"hello" and
that he's on
here now!
Well I finally dug up some photos of Steve (aka: Subetai), the others can
be found on the Cosmic Mariner's Website. Steve was the saKhan of the
Kalet Ordu ( Spirit Horde for those non-mongolian speaking people). He is
a really GREAT guy, and serves the community here with the local EMS/
Fire Department.

Secret - I don't have anything on Steve - anyone out there got something
juicy for here - write me and I'll post it !!
This is Kaytee (aka:Aerian)
Kaytee started out as our babysitter for a few years, and grew into a very
dear and terribly missed friend - she's off at college now, and once every
blue moon drops me a line to say she is going to get in touch - she never
does <pout>
Kaytee co-wrote some of the poems here, we seemed to have a talent for
melding our minds and producing some terrific material. We used to spend
hours on end, just talking about philosophy, life and realities. I miss those
times -wish you'd come back my dear - call, write, drop in !!


Write to
and tell her
to get
back in
touch !!
KALET ORDU "The Spirit Horde"

This was the core of the SW Florida Mongolian SCA group that we
founded and made quite legendary after a party at one of the events
involving a circus sized tent and over 200 guests (including the then

From Left to Right are Bobby, James, me, Jamie and Steve.

I forget everyone's SCA nomclementures, so if anyone out there
remembers let me know and I'll add it in for "historical correctness".
I'd like to get a few photos of an OLD OLD friend of
mine named Steve Smith from Elkhart Indiana, but I
couldn't find any in my albums - if anyone knows of
him and has one please send it to me! Steve was
my best friend thru my youth and we used to stay
in touch, but we have both moved around so much
we lost contact. Where are you at now Steve !?!
updated March 20th, 2000
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