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My Angels...

Can I live without you,
now that I know
that you really exist

Can I sleep at night,
without seeing your smile,
now that I've seen it for real

Can I ever be the same,
now that I've been changed
by the gentle touch of your

Now that I'm eternally
by my need for you to be
If ever without you

I wonder,
could I be whole again
The love I know is ever found in the laughter of the children,
in the gentleness of the animals and in the very innocence of nature.

So when that someone special comes,
I know that I truly understand with all my heart and soul,
the kind of love that I so cherish and that which I can offer them
The music you are listening to is from "SEAL" and is
called "Kiss of a Rose" ~ This is the girl's favorite
song to dance with Daddy to !!
I speak because I know my needs
I speak with hesitation,
because I know not yours

My words come from my life's experiences
Your understanding comes from yours
Because of this what I say
And what you hear
May not be the same

So if you will listen carefully,
but not with your ears
To what I say, but not with my tongue
and maybe somehow
We can communicate