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HEY !!
NEW !!
Here's a few more pictures of Brianna. These were from a discovered
roll of forgotten film, and are from a year or so ago..I delayed this page
so I could get a photo of her with her "first" haircut. She sat perfectly
still and let "Angelo" cut all of her unkempt locks down into a cute little
Pixie cut. When she was done she ran her tiny hands thru her cropped
tresses and smiled and said "It's Clean Now!!" She loves her short
hair, far more than I would have expected in a reaction from a (nearly)
four year old.
Exhausted from a day at
"Wet & Wild" water park
Bree showing off her first haircut
I can be SO mad at her, and
she'll put on this pouty smile
and hug and kiss me, and
whatever was so immediately
frustrating, suddenly gets
lost in those innocent little
powder blue eyes
Her 3rd Birthday Party.
Of course Kyrie HAD to
help her unwrap all of her
Birthday Gifts.
I have not got a clue what this is
from, but it was cute, and pictures
of Brianna are few and far between
so I added it in with these others

Right now we are arguing about
why she needs to clean up her
room. She seems to think it is fine
- I want to be able to see the floor
that I seem to remember being
under that pile of toys...
How do you describe Brianna Paige?

Strong, tom-boyish, stubborn, sneaky,
"trouble", happy, energetic, hugable, loud,
pouting, unafraid, giggling, curious, cute
ticklish, bright-eyed, resilient, adventurous,
rough and tumbling, sparkling and my most
irresistable little mischief maker.

Bree is my "hands-full" little angel. Look away
for two minutes and she has disassembled
something, gotten into something, trying to
irritate someone (she a little bullyish), in the
cookie jar, or just creating a mess, far
greater than you ever imagined.
Bree is also the one that can most quickly
remind you that life is for having fun, for
enjoying times together, for playing and
laughing. While I tend to reflect alot on her
"misbehavior" or her more undesirable traits,
don't think that means I am not incredibly
fond of her. She tests the limits of my
patience and understanding, in ways I never
thought possible, but when it is all said and
done, I guarentee you, I would not have gone
back and changed anything (except maybe
preserving a few VCR's along her destructive
little path) about her.
Her Grandparents have added a bunch of new pictures of
Brianna and Kyrie at their WebSite
Be sure to Check them out!