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Original Poetry
1999, 2000
You are from your world
and I am from mine
Two different worlds
In my need, I can hold you
but only in my mind
While other arms hold you for
and I can only hope
his arms give you the enjoyment
that the dreams of you
give me
From time to time
a stranger appears
and presses a button
that starts emotions
churning within us
But it is not so much
that person
as it is our interpretation
of what they can mean
to our life
That makes our throats dry
our speech hesitant
But worst of all
Makes us
so very,
Great Spirit
Please quick give me a line
or something to say
that might start to explain
the storm raging inside me
since she walked into the room
just one line that will let her know
the feelings deep within my heart

and do better this time
for the last one was not impressed with
"HEY, Don't I know
you from somewhere !
Have you ever wondered
which hurts the most
Saying something
and wishing you had not
Or saying nothing
and wishing you had
How frequently it is that out of humanity's crowd someone steps forward to cross our path and just one look
starts a funny feeling growing deep inside and we wish that someone would utter a secret phrase that would
hold the world suspended in time until we could share a moment and let our feelings be known.

But the world turns so quickly taking each his own way and the funny feeling of hope becomes a subtle sadness
which we try to cover with a smile
I have not got a clue as to the name of this wonderful piece,
but I liked the way it sounded so I am sharing it with you.