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Someday I will smile
and find the warmth of my smile
reflected back at me
Someday I will reach out
and find that I only have to reach halfway
for someone will be reaching out to me
Someday I will find
someone with whom I can share

But for now I must try to know myself
and the world around me
So when the time comes for me to give
I will know the meaning
of my gift
Because I took a moment to speak
and you took a second to listen
A tiny part of me will leave with you
and a little bit of you will stay with me

Great Spirit
Grant should I never find
The comfort of a woman's love
In my short stay

That I learn to appreciate
Enough of Life's beauty
That this one shortcoming
Will not leave me wanting
In a world so full of wonder
With so many exciting things to do
It's a shame

So many choose to just exist
Rather than to live
From time to time a stranger appears
and presses a button that starts emotions
churning within us,

But it is not so much that person
as it is our interpretation of
what they can mean to our life

That makes our throats dry
our speech hesitant
But worst of all
Makes us
so very, very vulnerable
Original Poetry
1999, 2000
For in a world intent on just
I wish instead to my spend time,
You are listening to "Nostalgia" another of my favorite YANNI pieces !