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The PWA 2000 Paros World Cup
3-8th August 2000
8th August
Rappe wins again!

Christoffer Rappe (S-39)
Champion in Paros for
another year

Exceptionally light conditions have prevented any further competition from taking place in
Paros today. After seven complete rounds Chris Rappe S-39 (Mistral, North) has retained
his event title and once again is champion on Golden Beach.

Chris," It's getting to be a habit. I sailed better last year and I think it was easier then. My
slalom was good this year but I still need to work on my course racing. I'm looking forward
to the rest of the season, my only wish is that this was the start of it!"

After a mixed performance in the Canaries Chris had a good week in Paros and begun in
convincing style. Collecting first or second in six of the seven races he finished two points
ahead of Steve Allen KA-0 (Fanatic, Art, Liberty). Steve made a brilliant performance in
the course racing, recording two first and two second places to extend the gap between
him and Micah Buzianis US-34 (Drops, North).

Steve, "I've been really pumped up for every race here. I was really confident on the last
day and things were getting better and better. I'm really dialled into my racing and happy
with my performance right now. I'm disappointed there isn't any wind today as I beat
Christoffer in the last race and hoped to continue that, but I've had a good contest."

Micah had a tough week here. Plagued by missing equipment he still recorded two firsts
and a third to keep him in the top three. Micah," It's been hard without all of my
equipment but I'm happy that I was able to pick up some production gear and stay
competitive. It's good to be on the podium and collect another trophy."

Sailors stream in during a close finish in yesterday's course racing

Micah will now be returning to Maui to prepare for the next PWA race event in Sylt at
the end of September.

Finian Maynard KV-11 (V2 Max, Neil Pryde) recorded some good positions in light wind
course racing which are not his preferred race conditions. With a third and fourth in the
last two days Finian finished the event in fourth place. Brian Roegild D-173 (Starboard,
Art) made a good come back after a bad start in the slalom, finishing in sixth place.

Brian, "I love the conditions here in Paros. There was some very tactical sailing going
on. I'm happy with my result and glad I came."

Ant Baker K-77 (F2, Arrows) was also struggling without his full quiver. He recorded
some mixed results but after two discards he finished ahead of Brian in fifth place.

Sixteen year old Robby Swift K-89 (AHD, Neil Pryde) came to Paros fresh from a win in
the IFCA youth fleet. He recorded four top twenty results in course racing and has
gained experience in his first PWA race event.

Robby," It's a bit of a change going from a youth fleet to a full international fleet. I got
through the first round in the first slalom race and was pretty pleased with that. I was
told about the 'no rules' rule and took that to heart! After getting a black flag (for
dangerous sailing) I sailed more sensibly and tried not to think too much about who I
was up against. I've been sailing on new equipment and this has been another great
experience for me as my first PWA race event. Everyone has been friendly apart from
straight after my black flag, but it's been good fun and I've enjoyed it."

Kinichi Kodama J-99 (Mistral, North) is a Paros fan who chose to make the journey from
Japan. Apart from loving the local food Kinichi also likes the European racing style and is
now heading home for a series of national Japanese events. Kinichi, " The Japanese
style of racing is more upwind angles and less speed. I have learnt to sail faster here
and hope to take some European style home for racing in Japan!"

There was a good local fleet here and they were able to guide the visiting PWA tour
sailors to all the best local attractions and Taverners' although the signs for Punda
Beach are quite clear from the main road and nobody had too much difficulty finding
their way there!

Despite a windless final day Paros 2000 has delivered it's fair share of drama and action.
The beautiful setting has provided the perfect platform for a classic event. The Paros
regulars have enjoyed another year and the new faces on the tour are keen to book
their place for Paros 2001.

Many of the top sailors from here are now en-route to Istanbul for the next PWA event.
The Trans Bosphorous long distance race takes place on Saturday 12th August.

Tonight there is the prize giving and closing ceremony. The atmosphere is good and
everyone is looking forward to the party before they begin their journey back to

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