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The Realm
So you are interested
in learning about
the person
that I am !

What you will find here
is an unabashed
description of me,
my likes, dislikes
and personal traits

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something more specific
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I am 5'10", 158lbs, athletic but not too muscular, very little natural body hair (and even some of that
is kept shaved), deep brown eyes, long black-brown hair, a dark skinned Native American
(Pokagon Band of the Potowatomi Indians), born February 16th, 1961 in Indiana.

I was married for six years prior to my divorce over two years ago and am now a full-time parent of
both of my two wonderful daughters, who are now 5 (almost 6 and acts like 12) and 3 years old.
First appearances would seem to make me a pretty quiet and introspective person, believing in many
ethics lost to most people today, this can at times make me mistakenly appear to be stand-offish or
introverted, when in fact it is most likely my reserved nature, and my tendency not to be braggish or play
the one-upmanship games of peer approval commonly practiced.

Soft spoken and speaking only when confident of my words and subject, but quick witted and rhetoric if
the situation is appropriate. When I am not speaking, I am usually listening to everything being said and
using a phenomenal natural ability of deductive reasoning and comprehension to draw conclusions about
my environment and those active in it.
I am said by those that know me
to be humbly arrogant and confident of my abilities and limitations.
I am very Spiritual but not religious, a thrill seeker, but not reckless, strategically minded and cautious,
but definately not without a wild side.
Explorational and ever the curious, completely understanding and compassionate without limits,
quite the romantic and chivalrous.
A very good listener and council to many people seeking advice
from a non-judgmental and open perspective.
I am told that I am very witty and charming,and definately flirtatious,
often called devilishly tempting, open minded and straight speaking.
I am quite level headed and with an intellect and imagination
that falls somewhere between genius and insanity.
Romantic and attentive, understanding and compromising,
realistic and caring of others and yet not materially bound.
My own moral codes generally exceed those
of the people I have come in contact with,
but I do not use such standards within myself,
to place judgement on those that live more frivolously.

I am a firm believer in the individual, and their freedom to seek
unique approaches to the common obstacles in life.
This is probably due to the Spiritual Aspects of my beliefs,
which are not typical of the "ladder" religions of most other people.

I believe than everyone and everything is equal in value and worth
and that no-one or nothing should be considered,
as of greater or lesser value in the scope of life.

The backlash to this of course is that I am hurt
by things that most people consider common asides,
and find lying, cheating and using others for personal gain repulsive.
I served for 4 years in the U.S. Army
as a Long Ranged Reconnaissance Patrol team member,
and thru such experience honed my leadership skills and my ability
to make sound and confident judgement calls on a moment's notice,
with the barest of facts to draw upon.

I have extensive experience in strategy and tactics,
having trained personnel for State Championship Paint-Ball sports,
as well as being a feature writer for a National Paintball Magazine
titled "Action Pursuit Games", during its first year of publication.
These strategic and tactical skills trickle into my professional
and domestic life, giving me more confidence than most in decision making.

I have developed art, publication and presentation skills,
cultured and evolved from both my High School's publications courses
and my own interests in extending my level of education along this aspect.
At one point I had considered exploring a career in graphic arts and publishing
and as such, developed skills adherent to this objective.
Now they serve as secondary creative abilities in
developing publishable material for my own personal needs.
In summary, I am a confident, but humble, uniquely intelligent
but very open-minded and unabashed person of no small degree.
I am unique in talent and attributes even among my peers
and can move comfortably between social circles of any class or caliber.
I follow as well as I lead and seek no glory or fame from or for myself,
merely the satisfaction of completion of my goals,
and the comfort of my family and our home,
and the pursuit of the woman I love....

If you read thru this and believe it to sound braggish or arrogant,
it truely isn't, nor was it ever meant to be, it is simply
my own perceptions of who I am, and what has made me such.
Hi again...
Yes it's "ME" What you are listening to is a great piece by
YANNI, called "FORBIDDEN DREAM", Isn't it wonderful!
~ Treehawk's Realm Originals ~
Copyrighted 1999, 2000