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One of the coolest things I have ever done, was to participate in a group called the
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). In that "reality", I was known there as "Hogrim
Bagradurr" a Mongolian Shaman from the Reindeer Tribe. This was a great time and
place, and the people I ran with were a wonderful crowd of really good people. I met
my (to be then future) father-in-law Ed Pierce here, as well as a handfull of others that
would later, have a lot of influence on my Earthwalk. Look for Ed and Anita in the
"Grandparent's" section, and the saKhan Subatai (Steve Kalb) is found in the "Friend's"
Section. I am still trying to gather everyone's pictures, so I can add a Kalet Or'du Tribute
Page to my Site and eventually introduce everyone to you.

This was a rude waking, after just
two hours of sleep (which began
around 5am), and following
36 hours of some of the hardest
partying I ever want to recall.

They got me up and out of my tent......

JUST TO take this Fraggin picture.
Here I am being gentlemanly.
WELL.. actually my saKhan pretty much TOLD
ME I had to attend some vulgar social affair, by
some petty King, who just so happened to think
he ruled this land. - Well.. so maybe he did...

As it was, I took one of the Consorts and
donned my Regal Garb, gritted my teeth (not
for long though - Debbie was a great kisser)
and did my best to enjoy the Knightly
This was right after my time in the
Service, and is what I call my "Don
Johnson" period. I look back at this and
really shake my head in
bewilderment.... Must have been my
brain undoing the damages from the
Army's attempts to alter my mind.

Oh, yeah and that was my Car. Oh this
was sooo Awesome, you cannot image
the stories behind this Kitten. Anyhow,
a month after I sold her, the new
owner totalled it. - Jerk.
The car was called "BlackJack",
and is where my nickname was
derived from. ~ Trivia !!
This was a Halloween party
probably 15 years ago (85-87?).
This persona was the predessor
to Hogrim's later development.
Poolside at my apartment, 3 years ago.

Lacey says I look the same, but better, more
defined now..??? Uh- thanks I think.?.
About Two years ago
A Company Christmas
Party I "had" to attend
The photo below is of the SCA Persona's;
The Respected and talented Chancelor "Sean Chin Lee" -Ambassador of China to the saKhan Subatai,
"Hogrim Bagradurr" -Shaman of the Kalet Or'du (Spirit Horde), The Lady "Alexis" - a Russian captive, then
of the Shamen's house, and to the right, the Dread Pirate "Ed" - a Cosmic Mariner, at the Mariner and his
Lady's Bazaar at Camp Wee Waa, in Florida.