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The Realm
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I enjoy building & racing Radio-Controlled Off-Road
Trucks (ROAR Class Competition). This is one of my
faster trucks and my current body - This red and blue
one's called "Dragon's Bane", and the blue and white
one was called "Havok"

Dragon's Bane raced Open Class competition locally -
Havok was a BMX track racer for cash prizes.
Racing Radio Controlled Trucks
Warhammer 40K is a fantastic miniatures (now on PC
too though !
) game, that allows me to express painting
skills and art, as well as the strategic applications of
the game itself. BattleTech has become my favorite PC
version of this genre, especially in the MechWarrior
Simulations. I have designed "scenarios" for the
MechCommander Gold game, and developed a "skins"
pack for the StarSeige game of the same style of play
Wargaming - Warhammer & BattleTech
If it goes fast and could be considered dangerous -
well... Chances are I probably like doing it !
This is my Bike - A 650 Katana which I ride every
chance I get, and if you catch me under 100 mph, I am
either refueling, at a light or explaining something to
the police officer standing next to me.

Wanna go for a ride !?!
Just for Kicks & Giggles
Landscape Design amd Installation
As a Landscape Designer I have found an outlet for an
artistic rendering in a living canvas. Some of my
favorite work allowed me to bring many elements of
the environment into the design; sight, sound and scent
in particular - the one featured here, was my own
backyard, and included those factors as well as taste
- most everything you see, was edible - even the
ground covers were done in various mints and herbs.
Odds and Ends - things I like
This is a collection of things I like, collect or found
interesting enough to present them here.
I am an avid fan of Todd McFarlane's Spawn and his
figureines to that series.
I love the Anime's (Japanese Animations)
and cannot walk past the Soul Blade (the people here
are from that game, which is also called Soul Edge on
the Playstation) Arcade game without dropping a
buck's worth of quarters into it.
A collection of
Take a visual tour of
one of my favorite
landscape designs
Welcome to my Interests
and Hobbies section

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Perhaps most of all, I like to spend time with my
daughters, either at the park, flying kites,
just goofing around together or at the stables.
(where Kyrie is taking riding lessons).

If you'd like to see more of them, click on the image
of their picture and jump directly to thier own gallery.
Spending Time with my Girls
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to their own gallery
Halle Berry as
I am eagerly awaiting the release
of the (Finally) X-Men Movie - Click
here to find out see a preview of it.
Well it has been about 20
years since I last took up
this hobby, but it seems that
I cannot put off my friends
any longer - Treehawk may
be putting together another
epic Dungeons and Dragons
adventure for the hero's of
Trevarian once again.

Right now I am playing Re-Volt
and SoulEdge as I wait for the
anticipated release of DIABLO II.
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