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The Realm
What you'll find here
are things that I enjoy
and personal traits that
I find appealling
in others

Some of this is rather
personal and may not be
for everyone

But if you really want
to know what I am
about, and what
attracts my attention
then please read on !

While you travel thru these pages, the PAW will return you to the Front
Page and the WOLVES will take you to the top of the page you are on.
I enjoy quiet times at home with my girls, chatting to my family and friends on-line
(where I met the wonderful lady that started this site for me)
or in the company of a few friends.
I'm not a "party-person" and dislike crowds (more than 5 people) in most cases.
I like to skydive, motorcycle (at 100+mph!), hike, camp and teach.
I definately love roller-coasters and I love going out dancing,
though I don't get to do as much of either of those two as I'd like.

I am a professional Land Asset (horticultural) Consultant with my own business
I am an educator and lecturer, a landscape designer and an ex-talk show radio host

I'm also an avid fan of McFarlane's artwork ("SPAWN" in particular)
and Yanni's (the midi's here are mostly his older stuff) music
and enjoy most of the Japanese Animes, as well as wargaming and writing.

I am most definatly a coffee-holic… big time!!
Look for me during a lunch break, at the Café!
I am the one reading a book and sipping a Cafe Mocha
Things I like...
More specifically, my interests are…

Yanni, Enigma, anything I can dance to.
(recently a song called "I knew I loved you" tops my charts!)

Matrix, What Dreams May Come, Usual Suspects, Aliens, Ladyhawke,
Ghost in the Shell, Desperado, any Sean Connery (kind of an idol) and Yanni's Tribute concert

People I'd like to meet
Sean Connery, Yanni, J.R.R. Tolkein, Salma Hayek, Todd McFarlane, and of course you.

Italian, Mexican, Seafood don't eat very much meat, except game or without a choice chicken.

earth tones, black, blue or beige predominate.

The ocean waves, wind and rainstorm, thunder, a heartbeat,
and above all else - a child's laughter.

Philosophy, American Indian Studies, Strategy based games, my children, roller blading,
candlelight cuddling with my girlfriend, walks in the woods,
Horseback riding and canoeing (I'll paddle - you just enjoy the ride)
sipping a café mocha at an outdoor café with a good friend,
helping someone find themselves, introspection and spiritual evolution.

If I had a million dollars
I'd buy the kids around here a playground and me a cup of coffee.
I am not, never have been and never will be a material person.

Favorite thing to hear someone say

Favorite scent on a woman
(specifically "Cas'mir")
These next two may embarress some of you
but I don't embarress very easily, so please forgive me ;-)

Turn on's
Dresses, dresses without panties, nipples that go erect, touching the back of my neck,
nibbles on the insides of my thighs, teasing flirtations, watching my partner masturbate,
being flashed discreetly and privately in a crowd. Perfumed massages (I love to give
them and receive them), coquette playfulness in foreplay, tickling and gentle wrestling or
playful spanking, the use of seductive eyes and a gentle brush of hair against my face.

Turn off's
Drunks, cigar smoking, crowds so loud I can't hear myself think, rude or overbearing
people, self righteous people, obesity and slobs, a closed mind, and anything that causes
pain. Lies, people that do not do, what they say they will and people that think they can
walk over someone else to get what they want. Partners that think foreplay is getting
undressed or that want to stop after just one orgasm… major disappointment there!

Well that kind of sums me up. Hope you enjoyed the insight.
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